HOPOS 2024

Program Committees

Kant and Before
David M. Miller, Chair (Auburn University)
Sylvia Berryman (University of British Columbia)
Vincenzo De Risi (Laboratoire SPHère, Max Planck Institute for the History of Science)
Lisa Downing (The Ohio State University)
Helen Hattab (University of Houston)
Post Kant
Francesca Biagioli, Chair (University of Turin)
Scott Edgar (Saint Mary’s University)
Lucie Fabry (University of Burgundy)
Erich Reck (University of California, Riverside)
Michael Stoeltzner (University of South Carolina)

Local Organizing Committee

  • Martin Kusch, Georg Schiemer, Friedrich Stadler and Elisabeth Nemeth

HOPOS Governance

Officers Steering Committee
President Zvi Biener, University of Cincinnati Delphine Bellis, Paul Valéry University, Montpellier
Vice-President Flavia Padovani, Drexel University Alexander Klein, McMaster University
Past President David Stump, University of San Francisco Michael Bennett McNulty, University of Minnesota
Executive Secretary Marcus Adams, State University of New York at Albany Alison Peterman, University of Rochester
Treasurer Paul Franco, University of Washington Maarten Van Dyck, Ghent University Kirsten Walsh, University of Exeter

Key Dates


The International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science, HOPOS, is devoted to promoting scholarly research on the history of the philosophy of science. We construe this subject broadly, to include topics in the history of related disciplines and in all historical periods, studied through diverse methodologies. We aim to promote historical work in a variety of ways, but especially through encouraging exchange among scholars through meetings, publications, and electronic media.

HOPOS 2024 is open to scholarly work on the history of philosophy of science from any disciplinary perspective. To encourage scholarly exchange that speaks to the cultural and temporal reach of HOPOS, we especially encourage submissions that take up philosophical themes that cross different cultures and time periods.  

The conference language is English.


Paul Feyerabend and Austrian Philosophy

Paul Feyerabend and Austrian Philosophy

His Formative Years in Postwar Vienna

International Conference

July 5-6, 2024

University of Vienna, Campus, Court 1